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Some of the Tunbridge Wells local Musicians include:

Alfie Noakes

Mike Wilton

Jim Walker

Bernie Monroe

Andy Bad Robinson

Colin Neil


John Paul Miller

Alex Gold

Gez Gold

Eddie Wheeler

Lost Indecision

The Harveys


Crew of Two

Duck Soup

Jon McDevitt

Lost Indecision

The Varlies

The Management

Weapons of Acoustic Havoc


The Lemmings

Run VT


The Bar Derelicts

Blonde Ambition

Bohemia Road

Helen Garrod Trio


Laura Betts

Sarah Jayne Project

Quietly Spoken Gentleman

Dirty Pillows

If you want to be included in these profiles drop me an email, about yourself a web or Myspace link, and a couple of decent photographs, and you will be up loaded to the site.  If you can provide a link back or use one of my banners which I will email to you - more the better.

For those wishing to book bands and artistes.    I will not give out the contact numbers, you need to approach the individuals when they are gigging locally yourself, but please be aware a lot of Venues object to other Venues close by  touting for gigs at their venue. ~ Karen

Acknowledgements for the use of Photographs and details on Venues, Artist information & Gig Lists to Dan Littlechild - live music around tunbridge wells, facebook  user fans and Karen Smith