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Local singer songwriter Jon Mcdevitt, is starting to join the Tunbridge Wells music circuit from his risings from the Jam nights.

Jon plays all manner of randomly selected things from the last 70 years, or maybe 80, or more come to think of it.  Including Elvis, The Pogues, The Stones, the Stone Roses, The Kinks, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Amy McDonald, REM, Frank Sinatra, Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Stanglers, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan, The Jam, Dexys Midnight Runners, Madness, The Beach Boys, The Waterboys, Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, The Mamas and Pappas, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, The Small Faces, Conway Twitty, Folk, Blues, Country, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, & 00’s.  Playing Guitar, Harmonica and Vocal

To Hear some of Jon’s Music Click :

Track 1  Different Life

Track 2  Our Wonderful Joe

Track 3  The Pit

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