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The Rock in serves a great Pint of Larkins, the local brewery, the Rock Inn is very much a locals pub. It has its own very strong identity, being unchanged for generations. With a lovely old uneven brick floor and irregular beams and doors, it makes no concessions to modernity. Even a bulls head on the wall- with a hook through its nose at which to toss a brass ring- has been in exactly the same position for at least fifty years. One landlord was only given the tenancy because of his height, since the headroom of the cellar door is so low!

Monthly Live Music Nights - Check with Landlord Phil Madgwick for the gig.   01892 870 296 or email Phil @ the Rock Inn.

Landlord Phil Madgwick is keen to keep Music Local and Live, Recent & forthcoming Music nights will include Be Sharp, Baby Laurel, The Varlies, Blues Brothers Little Brother.  Phil also is still to continue to support local Charity organisations including The Pickering Drop in Cancer Centre.

For Gigs or Further Information call Phil Madgwick on 01892 870 296

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