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This is the band for a rocking good party – wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate doodah, you name it, we do it and do it well.

With a conventional 4-piece line-up, THE MANAGEMENT is an experienced professional band that rocks.  With hundreds of gigs behind us over the last 7 years, we still have the raw energy that gets through to the party-people and moves them on to the dance-floor.  Even those who normally prop up the wall have to get down and boogie!

Sax and keys can be added to the line-up for your show and they really do add to the sound.  Unfortunately they also add to the £££ – but they’re worth it!

Ever flexible, this may be the only band that lets you come up on stage to play or sing with them.  If you can do one of our songs, join us and be the envy of your mates!  If you’re serious about this, come over to our studios and have a rehearsal beforehand.

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