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There are a number of excellent Venues in Tunbridge Wells,  every few weeks new venues are added to this site, with links to their Gig lists, often it is a good idea to become of a particular Pub to catch on what is on - as events are often only advertised at the last minute!.

If your Venue has not been included - please email me, with your details and a link to your Web diary

Local Festivals we have a number nearby in such as Gaza Stock 2012  they are rejuvinated from taking a break in 2011

A new Batch of Tickets have been released for sale to the Public.

Other Festivals include The Hop Farm.

There are some other Local Festivals which will be posted to this site as soon as more confirmed details become available

For other local Festivals please feel free to contact me in order that I may be able to include you.

If you want to be included in these profiles drop me an email, about yourself a web or Myspace link, and a couple of decent photographs, and you will be up loaded to the site.  If you can provide a link back or use one of my banners which I will email to you - more the better.

It is also very useful for your customers to find up to date Gig lists, and up to date information about your venue, - so set up and maintain a Facebook Fan page, its easy and can be maintained entirely by you, let us know about your fan page, and we will link it from this site.  You will get more customers to your venue

For those wishing to book bands and artistes.    I will not give out the contact numbers, you need to approach the individuals when they are gigging locally yourself, but please be aware a lot of Venues object to other Venues close-by  touting for gigs at their venue. ~ Karen